Does Your New Delivery Job Require Overnight Trips? 3 Tips To Stay Safe During A Late Night Car Breakdown

6 September 2018
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The overnight delivery business is booming now that many industries and personal consumers expect instant access to the products they order. If you have recently been hired as a delivery driver, you may be excited about getting your new job, but you should also be aware that any late night driving position could place you in a potentially dangerous situation. Vehicle breakdowns become more likely when you drive for many miles and hours, and all it takes is one mistake to potentially expose you to a serious threat to your safety. As you begin to learn the basics of your new job position, be sure to use these tips to stay safe on those late night drives.

Do Pre-Route Research

Technology is a major asset for overnight drivers, and you should absolutely use your GPS to find new locations. However, you also want to avoid relying too much on instantaneous technology since lost power or a low signal could make it impossible to figure out your location. Be sure to research all new routes before you leave for the delivery. As you do, take note of potential road hazards such as construction zones that could impact your drive. You can also identify safe areas, such as a well-lit gas station, that you could use as stopping points if you sense a potential problem happening with your vehicle.

Carry an Emergency Kit

Every driver should have a few supplies on hand to get through an emergency. Make sure to carry a basic roadside emergency kit with items such as flares and jumper cables to handle the most common situations that arise on the road. As a delivery driver, you should also be certain that your spare tire is in good condition, and update the kit to fit the climate in which you drive. For instance, you may need to carry extra bottled water during the summer or warm blankets during the winter in case you are stuck outside for any length of time.

Wait Safely For a Tow

When you drive overnight, 24-hour towing services, such as Michael's Towing & Recovery, are a major asset for getting out of a bad situation. However, you must know what to do while you wait for help to arrive. Always pull over to a safe place to deal with the auto emergency, and make sure that your car is visible to other drivers. Then, call for your tow, and politely refuse help from other people until professionals arrive.

Your success as an overnight delivery driver depends upon you following the best practices for on-the-road safety. By knowing how you will handle an emergency before it occurs, you can head out on your next delivery drive with confidence that you can deal with anything that might arise.