2 Auto Inventions that Could Fend off Car Repairs

22 July 2015
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Unless you are independently wealthy, an unexpected auto repair could seriously cramp your budget. Fortunately, auto manufacturers have developed new technologies that might help you to avoid extra expenses. Here are two new auto inventions that could fend off car repairs, so that you can save money. 1: Crash Avoidance Features Car accidents can happen fast, even if you are paying attention to the road. However, some cars actually contain complex on-board systems that might help you to avoid wrecks. Read More 

Switching From Gas To Diesel? Here Are A Few Important Distinctions Between Engine Types

6 July 2015
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If you're considering switching from a gas-powered car to one with a diesel engine, it's important to understand that the two types of vehicle are very different. Fortunately, not all or even most of these distinctions are negative. Here are a few ways, good and bad, that diesel engines can differ from gasoline ones. The Ignition System Is More Reliable And Efficient Gasoline engines rely on spark plugs and distributors to ignite the fuel and get your car rolling, but diesel engines don't use the same process to combust fuel. Read More