3 Reasons To Add A Custom Driveshaft To Your Vehicle

6 November 2017
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If you are thinking about making improvements to your vehicle, then you could be wondering about the best improvements to make. Of course, there are different customizations that you can look into, but one good option that you might want to consider is installing a custom driveshaft. These are a few reasons why it can be a good idea to add a custom driveshaft to your car. 1. Increase the Speed Read More 

Four Unexpected Issues That Can Alter Your Wheel Alignment

24 June 2017
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Does your vehicle feel like it's a bit out of alignment? Everyone knows that an alignment issue can occur over time, but there are also things that can directly cause alignment problems. Here are some of the most common -- but least expected -- issues. 1. Temperature and Seasonal Shifts When seasons change, so do the temperature ranges. Temperature affects your car tires. In colder months, your car tires may decrease in pressure; in warmer months they may increase. Read More 

What A VIN History Report Can Tell You About A Car

14 December 2015
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A VIN, which is an acronym for a Vehicle Identification Number, is a series of 17 characters (either digits or letters) that is assigned to a vehicle during the production process. A VIN can wind up telling you plenty about the status of a particular car if you decide to look it up. There are a number of helpful things that a VIN history report can tell you about a vehicle, and you should know them in order to ensure you know the importance of getting one when you are car shopping. Read More 

5 Ways to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

13 July 2015
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Your teenager learning to drive and getting their license is a major rite of passage. As their parent, you are most likely proud of them for learning this important life skill and gaining more independence, while also worrying at least a little bit about their safety. The thought of your child getting into a car accident can be terrifying. Luckily, there are things you can do to help ensure their safety on the road. Read More 

7 Ways To Go Mobile With A Tiny House

29 June 2015
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The Tiny House Movement is a conscious decision by millennials and other concerned occupants of planet earth to live with less, spend less, and leave a smaller footprint. The structures are living abodes that are fully functional -- and quite comfortable -- yet under 500 square feet. In fact, many tiny houses are often under 200 square feet and mobile. When you own a home so small, why not take it with you? Read More